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2016 WLC

South Central FFA Takes on WLC

On July 12th, four South Central FFA members boarded a plane in Cleveland with one destination, Washington D.C. Kaycee Burton, Bryan Copus, Hannah Studebaker, Marshall Wheeler all took a week out of their summer to spend 5 days in Washington D.C for a leadership conference. During WLC, Washington Leadership Conference, they toured many historic places like the Arlington Cemetery, where they were all moved by the amount of lives lost protecting our freedom. They also had the opportunity to have a night tour Washington D.C. During the week they attended many sessions, some in large group others in community groups. Each member was put into different community groups with other FFA members from all over the U.S. In their community groups they worked on making their LTS Plan, Living To Serve Plan. They discovered their strengths and their weaknesses, and what their purpose in life is. In Large Group they discovered what diversity truly meant, what it meant to work as a team. In one of their session the facilitators threw out huge buckets of small bouncy balls into the middle of floor, each bucket representing something different that has a huge impact on the world. Everything from drunk driving deaths to hunger in the U.S. Hundreds of bouncy balls covered the floor and members had to pick them all up carrying only one at a time while shuffling their feet to put them in buckets scattered around the room. Once it got going members started to work as a team picking them up. Even though they failed a few times as the buckets were taken and dumped, they worked together pick them all up. This showed that even when your plan fails keep going. Marshall Wheeler told the crowd, “I’ve never seen teamwork make this much of a difference.” The FFA Members also got to supply families with food as they packed meals for the hungry. All four members came back with a different look on life and ready to serve their community with their LTS Plans.

FFA News Reporter,

Kaycee Burton

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