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South Central Takes on Indianapolis for the 89th National FFA Convention

On October 18th, FFA Members headed towards the 89th National FFA Convention and Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana. 12 South Central FFA members along with 38 other members from Bellevue, Hiland, Mapleton, Monroeville and Western Reserve loaded up the bus and headed towards Michigan. They started off the trip touring a deer farm, and learning how the 6 Plus Stars farm was started. Along with the deer farm, they also toured the Ford Plant, the Ford Museum, and the Sechler’s Pickle Plant. While touring the Ford Plant, members watched as they assembled trucks. They also got to watch two informational videos on how Henry Ford started the company and the process of making a vehicle. While at Sechler’s members watched as they sorted, cleaned, and packaged peppers. They also toured Shoemaker Racing and Fleece. They were shown around the shop of both shops. They also got to look at the new technology that allows them to make metal parts within an hour. One of their favorite places was Indiana Downs. They got to sponsor one of the races and get a picture with the winner. While they were there members got to meet Otto Thorwarth, the man who played Ron Turcotte in the movie Secretariat. This year they changed it up a little bit, instead of going to a concert they went to the Rodeo.

Not only did they visit many educational facilities, they participated in 3 FFA National Convention Sessions. The first session they had the experience a keynote speech by Diana Nyad. In her speech she told her story about being the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida. After many failed attempts and people doubting her, she managed to believe in herself and accomplish her goals. She influenced members to never give up on your dreams and always have faith in yourself. In the second session they attended they listen to Jason Brown on how to make a difference. He went from making millions a year playing for the Baltimore Ravens and being the highest paid center in the NFL to being a farmer. All because he wanted to make a difference. His farm is called the First Fruit Farms, because he gives the first fruits to local food banks. In the third sessions they listened to Mike Pence make a speech on how important agriculture is to the world, and they watched American degree recipients receive their degrees. Only .01% of FFA members receive this degree, and the South Central FFA Chapter had 4 members receive theirs. Earning your American degree is very challenging and takes a lot of dedication. Congratulations to Zeb Burton, Greg Corning, Bethany Lortcher and Maddison Ott, for being 4 of 346 Ohioans honored with an American Degree this year.

FFA Reporter,

Kaycee Burton