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2017 Etiquette Meal

On November 12th, the Sophomore Ag class had their Etiquette meal. As a sophomore in Ag you learn a lot of things that will help you in the future, and etiquette is one of the sections. Each student is taught how to properly set a table and how to act at the table with proper manners. They are taught what not to say around the table, and what to say. Knowing your proper etiquette is a big thing when you go into the real world. This activity prepares students for a business dinner, or a very important event. Knowing proper etiquette just might give you a better chance of getting a job, or might set a good impression on your boss. Not only do you use it for big events, you use it for your everyday life. Each member brought in some kind of food and they all had one big fest, while guest were to try and get them off topic. They would like to thank Deputy Mitch for attending their feast.

FFA Reporter,

Kaycee Burton